🎞 Mar 11, 2020 - Automated Offer

Drew and Recia takes over today's webinar as they discuss automation and sending automatic offer to sellers.

? Once you have a property under contract what are your initial steps towards marketing your property to investors? 

? Can we send RVM’s message to multiple numbers that’s attached to one contact?


? what is a BSOW driver?

? What is a good Subject Title for an email you send out to someone you want to sign up to be your buyer? 

? How do you get to the point to put a property without seeing it? 

? What is your experience and advice for Facebook in getting BSOW drivers?

? My probate list has properties with multiple contacts with multiple phone numbers. What’s the best way to import a m manage that?

? Since you ask them if it's within a particular range, do you put the range in the contract or a specific amount?





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