๐ŸŽžโ€ƒMar 25, 2020 - How To Build Your Property Disposition Process in REI BlackBook

Josh takes over for Damon in today's webinar where he shows how fully utilize REI BlackBook to market your properties.

? I'm using REIBB for other real estate but there isn't a template, is it difficult for a non techie to create one?

? Will these emails get filtered out and put in people's spam folders?

? Is there a way within a workflow to send an email to someone other then a contact? Like support@reiblackbook. I am trying to create a workflow to manually trigger that will tag the number as BLOCKED and fire off an email to the support desk to block it from calling our number?

? If I want to use a landing page and have the answers show up under each contact who completed the form in REIBB under an additional tab as you did the (cash buyers) how would I go about that?


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