Setting Up Extensions

Make your phone number an Information Hotline by creating easy extensions to direct your caller's to where they need to go.

  1. From the main menu, click on your Name > System Settings

  2. Click on Extensions in the System Settings menu

  3. Click Add New above the Extensions table

  4. In the Add New popup (Configure Extension), select the phone number you would like to create an extension for 
    Note: Only phone numbers configured as an Information Hotline will be available to create extensions for.  If you have an existing phone number that is currently configured as a Business Line, you can Reconfigure it as an Information Hotline.  To do this, simply click the edit icon next to the phone number in the Numbers table and then press the "Reconfigure" button in the bottom left corner of the edit popup.

  5. Once a phone number is selected, choose the extension number(what the caller will dial) and add a description(optional) for the extension
    Note: Each number selected as an extension for a phone number must be unique
    (ex. The phone number 555-555-5555 can only have one ext. 101)

  6. Select the action/s that you would like to take place when someone dials this extension.  

    1. (Option 1) - Send to Voicemail
      1. Select a recording for the caller to hear before being sent to voicemail


    2. (Option 2) - Forward the Call
      1. Fill out the phone number that you would like the caller to be sent to once they dial the extension
      2. Choose whether you would like the system's phone number or the actual caller's phone number to display on the Caller ID when a call is forwarded


    3. (Option 3) - Play a Greeting, then Forward the Call
      1. Select a recording for the caller to hear before being forwarded
      2. Fill out the phone number that you would like the caller to be forwarded to once they dial the extension
      3. Choose what you would like to see on your caller id when a call is forwarded. The system's phone number, or the caller's phone number?


  7. Click Done to save the extension

  8. To Edit existing extensions, click on the icon to the right of the row in the extensions table
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