How To Create Your Website

Websites are an important part of your business. To build a website please follow the steps below. 


1. From your Main Dashboard hover over the Tools tab and select Web Tools as shown below.



2. Once on the Web Tools page select My Websites



3. After selecting My Websites select Create New Site. 


4. Choose your website’s content by hovering over the site you'd like to build and clicking on Build Site as shown below. 


Choose up to three of the five available website templates designed to target your niche: Buyer, Seller, Rental, Rent to Own (Lease Option) or a Generic Brand Site.

Buyer Site

Overview: Showcase “Dream homes” to potential buyers – even if you don’t have one to advertise! This site compels your viewers that home buying is easy with you, the relatable professional. You can work within their budget to provide the end all solution to their home buying needs.

Target Audience: Retail Buyers, Homeowners and First Time Home Buyers

Main Call To Action: Find your next dream home. Search by State or Zip

Content Description: The right price, every time. Investors know the key to real estate is buying at the right price, in the right location, at the right time. Your company prides itself on acquiring real estate that moves fast and makes sense (and cents). Now that they’ve found you, there’s no reason to waste any more time chasing dud deals.

Seller Site

Overview: Sellers come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common motivation is money. Offering a fast, fair cash offer is a quick way to get down to business. This website addresses a myriad of problems most sellers relate to. All the while, emphasizing no matter their situation, you offer a solution that is fast, professional and simplified.

Target Audience: Motivated Sellers in Distressed situations. Absentee, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Probate. And Landlords

Main Call To Action: Sell Your Home Fast | We buy houses for cash. Get a FREE no obligation quote.

Content Description: Selling made simple. Your clients have options when it comes to selling their home, but their neighborhood realtor isn’t going to tell them about it. Selling their house doesn’t have to be a succession of hope and disappointment with each offer made and loan that didn’t approve. When they work with investors like you, they get a fair offer and a fast closing without the headaches that come with retail.

Rental Site

Overview: Most people in a rental situation are shopping around for the “right place”. This simple design makes the home search easy and streamlined, showcasing your properties, or the ones in the community. All of the leads captured are directed to you, their reputable resource to finding the right home.

Target Audience: Renters or Retail Buyer Prospects with financial hardship, low income or poor credit. Main CTA: Find your next rental. Search by State or Zip.

Main Call To Action: Find your Next Rental. Search by State or Zip

Content Description: Renting: A Better Option. Being a homeowner can be more trouble than it’s worth. Homeowners spend weekends fixing things and keeping up with general maintenance while renters are off enjoying their free time. Renting guarantees flexibility, affordability, no surprise expenses, no property taxes, and freedom. And doesn’t that sound like a smart choice for your clients?


Rent to Own (Lease Option) Site

Overview: Since most rent to own (or Lease Option) prospects are somewhere between “renting” and “buying”, this site gives them that little nudge they need. Owning a home is easily within their reach. They can contact you to try out a home while they repair their credit.

Target Audience: Renters or Retail Buyer Prospects with financial hardship, low income or poor credit.

Main Call To Action: We make owners out of renters. Because everyone should be able to own their own home. Download your Free Report

Content Description: You can do what others won’t. Leasing a dream home with the option to buy means just that - they have the option to buy it, but it’s not a requirement. They have the opportunity to live in a home while they repair their credit or build the reported income needed to qualify for a loan. A traditional seller would never let them move in before the bank said yes – but you will.


Authority Site

Overview: The Generic Brand site gives a broad overview of services and solutions that you, the savvy and successful Real Estate Investor, provide to the public. The audience can easily navigate the content of a Buyer, Seller, Rental and Lease Option Site from one mega-site.

Target Audience: (BROAD) Homeowners, investors, renters, tenant renters, buyers, sellers, credit repair prospects.

Main Call To Action: Real Solutions for Real Estate | We’re here to simplify your life! Contact us today.

Content Description: Real estate is a people business, and your client is what’s most important to you. You’re here to simplify their life, so they can spend less time worrying about real estate and more time living. As experienced real estate professionals, you buy and sell property across the nation with the primary intent of creating positive outcomes for people in predicaments.

Helping your clients find a desired solution to your problem is your specialty.


5. After clicking on Build Site, select Yes! Let’s Do It! when the box pops up to build the site. 



6. Your website is now being built! You will receive an email in a few minutes once the process is complete. Please watch the video on this screen for next steps!

Congratulations! Your website is now built. Its now time to add your logo and make some basic customizations! If you have any questions or comments on any of the instructions above, please feel free to reach out to us at any time at

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    Thanks, I've set up a sellers website, where can I see the link of the website for me to post it?

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    Hi, i have a problem with my second web site its not lunching on the search engine need help.

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    After I create my website and go to it. The page says account is suspended? I know my account is in good standing. Can I get some assistance. 

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    Jim Cleveland

     I want to report that my listings are not going to Zillow all the time I have 14 listings and only seven come across Of those two of them do not have all the pictures. Please call me at 217-521-1144 thank you Joy Cleveland 

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    Edited by TRACY BARNES
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    I saw the video about changing content on the website, but it looks like it has changed or been updated since then. I am trying to change the houses that show up in my inventory to only missouri houses. Also i would like to show featured houses on slide show on my home page and i cant figure it out!

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    Jorge Contreras

    For some reason my website doesn't go live, i need some assistance please. I entered the DNM info from Go Daddy but its not live. This is for my website and for my landing page. Thanks

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    Jorge Contreras

    Hello, how do I make edits to the automatic emails leads receive after they opt in through my website? I ran a lead to test it and my company name area is blank. I want to add my company name so it looks professional.

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    Michael Oliver

    I am excited about BootCamp.  When does the early bird special rates end?


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    would like to speak to a live person about some issues with setting up my website

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    Sue Zachmann & Kathy Meggison

    need help with website footer with privacy policy and terms of use links and copyright statement.  I've created it, but can't get it compressed and looking good...

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    I cannot delete my website, I want to start over and it wont let me switch the theme or anything. please help,. 

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    Need help with SEO. How does that work and how do I really optimize it? Is this something I need a Professional to do for me? Thanks!

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    Skylar Ware

    Need help transferring the domain name of my website from go daddy to REI I've done it once and I just made a mistake during the process. Please help?

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    Chris Ball

    Is it possible to use reiblackbook with your own website and not a website created through reiblackbook?  I am not happy with the templates of reiblackbook but is it possible to create one elsewhere but somehow utilize on reiblackbook (i.e. listing my own and other member's featured properties)

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    I just got a question. I am not sure if my Authority site is on the new server or the Legacy server.How do I CONFIRM THAT.



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    Jessica Familette

    I created a landing page that I want to be one of the tabs on my website; was this the proper way to do that? I can't find out how to add the landing page to my site.  Thank you!

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