Add a Privacy Policy to Your Website

Let's face it, people today worry about their online privacy and you should be as well.   If you are collection any kind of personal information through your website, you need a Privacy Policy.  A Privacy Policy is an agreement that covers the ways a business collects, handles and uses (or intends on using) their users' personal information.

Not only is a Privacy Policy crucial to ensuring that you meet any legal requirements as well as building customer trust, it also helps your "Trust Factor" with search engines like Google.  Google does want to rank sites that they can trust.  A privacy policy is also required for many third-party services such as Google Analytics, Google AdWord and Facebook Ads.  Example Privacy Policy.

You can easily add a Privacy Policy to your website by following the steps below.


Step 1:  From your account Dashboard click on View Websites


Step 2:  Click on the ControlPanel button of the website


Step 3:  Click on the Manage Pages tab


Step 4:  Click on +Add New Page


Step 5:  Type Privacy Policy on the space provided and click the Create button


Step 6:  Select the Blank option from the Layout Templates


Step 7:  Click the Replace Existing Layout button


Step 8:  Click OK on the warning prompt


Step 9:  Click on the Add Content button from the Page Builder Menu


Step 10:  Click on Basic Modules to expand menu


Step 11:  Drag & Drop Text Editor into the center of the page


Step 12:  Add your Privacy Policy.  Here is an Example Privacy Policy


Step 13:  Once you have added your Privacy Policy click Save


Step 14:  Click on the Done and Publish Changes buttons




Congratulations, you have created your Privacy Policy!  Now let's add this new page to the Footer of your website.  Click here to move to the next article Adding a Private Policy to Your Website Footer.

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