How To Fix The Facebook Preview For Your Landing Page/Website

Have you ever posted a link to your Landing Page or Website on Facebook and the preview that pops up shows the wrong image and/or Facebook title?  In another article we explain how to update your SEO's Social settings which would fix the image or title that is showing up in the preview on Facebook. To review how to edit those settings please review the following articles How to Optimize Your Landing Page for Searchability (SEO) or How to Optimize Your Website for Searchability (SEO).
Facebook vs SEO's Social information
Bad_Facebook.png    SEO_Page.png
  1. In some situations even after you have updated your SEO's Social information, you may notice that Facebook still has your old information "cached". This means Facebook still has the old information/picture stored, and that's what they are using instead of the updated information. In order to fix this issue you will need to use Facebook's Sharing Debugger tool to clear out the old information/picture, so the new information will be used. To access the Facebook Sharing Debugger click on the link  Then enter the full web address of the page that is experiencing this issue, and press the "Debug" button. Note: The full web address would be the url for of the Website or Landing Page that you are experiencing this issue with. 

  2. If the information that is displayed in the link preview is still incorrect, you will need to click the  Scrape Again button.  By clicking on this button you are clearing out the old information again, so Facebook can grab the updated information. 

  3. Once you have clicked the Scrape Again button, the link preview will update, and should be displaying the correct information. This will also show you what the preview will look like when you post the link to your website/landing page on Facebook in the future. 

Moving forward the updated information should be showing when you post the link to your landing page/website on Facebook. If you have any questions or concerns about the information above please contact us at  

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