Equity Analyzer Overview

Equity Analyzer is a powerful tool that converts a long list of properties into a graphical map that you can analyze and search. Imagine seeing your MLS Property List on a map with each property color coded by price. Now imagine having all sold properties superimposed on the same map so that you can single out undervalued properties instantly in a given neighborhood or zip code...powerful stuff!

NOTE: Equity Analyzer is not included with any subscription plan. It has to be purchased separately. 

  1. To access the Equity Analyzer simply click on Deals and select Equity Analyzer from the drop down menu.  Note: To get started with Equity Analyzer you will need two lists; one for active listings and one for recently sold listings in your market. To see how to upload your lists into Equity Analyzer please review the article How to Import Your List into Equity Analyzer

  2. The home screen of Equity Analyzer will show your lists, and present you with different tools to manage your lists. The following tools are available to use to manage your lists. Details about each tool are listed below. 
    • Add
    • Export
    • Delete (trash can icon)
    • Search 
    • Averages
    • Map 
    • Scan
    • Adding to a List 
      • The first option is to include more properties to your list. To do so simply click on the +Add button. 

      • From here you would select whether to append the Actives or Solds list. You will then upload the additional properties you are trying to add by clicking on the Add Actives or Add Solds button, and selecting the list you want to upload. After selecting the list, click the Next button to add the new properties to the current list. 


    • Exporting a List 
      • The next option is to export your list. Clicking on Export will save the file to your computer or device. 

      • Most browsers will display your downloaded file at the bottom of the window. If not, then it will usually be in your Downloads folder. 

    • Deleting a List
      • If you no longer need your list you can delete it. To delete your list click on the Trash Can icon. 

      • You will then be prompted to confirm if you want to delete the list. If you no longer need the list click Yes. Once a list has been deleted it can not be undone, so only delete the list if you are sure you no longer need it. 

    • Searching a List
      • What makes Equity Analyzer such a great tool is that you can search through your entire list based on a large variety of criteria. To launch this tool click on the Search Icon. 

      • You can search based on listing price, age, days on market, and other data points. Simply put in your criteria and click Search to see the results. 

    • Averages Tool
      • The Averages option gives you a summary of your entire list so that you have a baseline to compare against individual properties. For example you can see the average sold price in a given neighborhood or see how long a property usually is on the market in a given zip code. To access this simply click on the Averages icon. 

      • You can then tailor the averages list by a certain geographical area using the dropdown menu on the top left of the screen. The areas you can sort by are Zip code, Subdivision, House Style, and School District. Note: You can sort the list using the arrow icons next to the title of each column. 
    • Map Tool
      • Perhaps Equity Analyzer's most useful feature is the Map option. This shows you a graphical representation of your list and makes prospect properties stick out from the rest of the crowd. To see the map simply click on the Map icon. 

      • Here properties are color coded based on list price with different shaped pins representing active properties and sold properties. If you see an active property listed for $150,000 surrounded by three sold properties that went for $200,000 you know you have a property that warrants more attention. 

    • Scan Tool 
      • Finally if you are searching for a specific property you can use the Scan Tool. To launch it click on the Scan icon. 

      • Enter your criteria and hit scan to return a list of all matching properties. 

  3. There are several training videos you can watch inside Equity Analyzer for further assistance. To access the training the videos repeat step 1. Once you are in the Equity Analyzer tool click on the Watch Training Videos button. 
  4. You can watch the different videos by clicking on the Title of the video. There is also an overview you can watch as well to learn more about Equity Analyzer. 

If you don't already have Equity Analyzer please visit the Equity Analyzer product page.  This is powerful tool, and can be beneficial for your business.  If you have any other questions please contact us at support@reiblackbook.com.  


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