How To Add a Number to Profit Dial

Profit Dial is the automated phone system inside REI BlackBook. Like any other phone system a phone number is needed in order to successfully use Profit Dial. Local phone numbers are included in every subscription plan, but the number of local numbers included in your subscription will depend on which subscription plan you have. To see how many local numbers are included in your subscription plan review the plans and pricing page here. To get started with Profit Dial you will need to add a number to your account. Follow the instructions below to add a number to your Profit Dial.

  1. After logging into your REI BlackBook account from your Dashboard, click on your Name in the upper right hand corner, and select System Settings from the drop down menu. This is where you will need to go to add a number to your account. 

  2. On the System Settings page, you will automatically be taken to the Numbers screen, and this where you will add a number to your account. 

  3. On the Numbers screen, click on +Add New Number or the Add New button. 

  4. You will then see a Popup window for you to Choose A Number Type.  You can choose between a Business Line or an Information Hotline. (Click here for to get more information on the difference between them.)

  5. To search for a number, select either Local or Toll Free from the drop down menu. Provide the preferred Area Code and Phone Number. Narrow down the search by including the numbers you want to be included. Click on Search For Numbers. NOTE: Toll Free numbers cost $6.99/month, and additional Local numbers cost $4.99/month. 

  6. Select the phone number you want to use by clicking the circle next to the number, and click on the Use Selected Number button.
  7. You will then be taken to the Configure Number screen, so you can name the number, and add a callflow to the number if it's a Business Line. 
    • To configure a Business Line please review the article How Do I Add A Business Line Phone Number To My Account.
    • To configure an Information Hotline please review the article How Do I Add An Information Hotline Phone Number To My Account.
    • If you decide to change the Number type than what you originally selected you can do so by editing the number.  To edit the number follow steps 1-2 to access your number(s), and then click the three dots next to the number, and select Edit Number from the drop down menu. You will then be taken to the Configure Number screen for that number, and you will click on the Reset Number Type button. You will need to select the number type you want to use, and configure the number again. 


REI BlackBook currently offers phone numbers across all 50 states in the United States as well as all major cities & provinces in Canada.

United States Phone Numbers

Within the US, you are able to secure phone numbers in almost all area codes. However, there are some exhausted area codes in major metropolitan areas that REI BlackBook is unable to offer such as (602) in Phoenix and (212) in New York.  Relatively new and/or future area codes may have a limited inventory as well. To see what numbers are available choose either Business Line or Information Hotline phone type.

Canadian Phone Numbers

Canada also has a few exhausted area codes in major metropolitan areas that REI BlackBook is unable to offer such as (416) in Toronto, (905) in Ontario and (403) in Calgary.

While REI BlackBook does its best to maintain a broad selection of area codes at all times, sometimes you may encounter an issue where the area code you're looking for is temporarily out of stock. If this ever happens, we recommend using overlay area codes as a workaround.

An area code overlay is a North American area code that is assigned to the same numbering plan area (NPA) as at least one other area code. Overlay codes are determined and regulated as part of the North American Numbering Plan to increase the number of available telephone numbers in a province, state or region

You may find the complete list of area code overlays here.

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