How to Port a Number Into REI BlackBook

If you have a number (vanity number or otherwise) that you purchased through an outside service provider that you'd like to use with REI BlackBook, you will need to port the number into REI BlackBook. The process to port your number to REI BlackBook can be handled with these 3 easy steps. To port your number into REI BlackBook please follow the steps below.


To make the process faster and avoid rejections
Print clearly and legibly


STEP 1: Contact your current telephone service company to initiate the porting process. Each phone provider’s process is different so follow their instructions until they are able to give you an order receipt for the transfer via email. (Often a small fee is required) If a receipt is not available, we will need a screenshot of your account showing that you own the number.

STEP 2: Prepare your needed PDF Attachments.

  1. Fill out the attached Letter of Authorization, REIBB_LOA.pdf.
  2. A copy of your order receipt described above 
  3. A scanned copy of a recent phone bill, if you do not receive a bill, we will need a screenshot of your billing account with the number.

STEP 3: Email all of these items to with the subject line, “Porting Phone number to Profit Dial”. This process may take 7-14 business days to complete, this is depending on your provider. We will email you when the process is finalized and your new number is activated in the account you choose.

Attached is the REIBB_LOA.pdf which is our Letter of Authorization (LOA) that is also needed to port in a number.  Please be sure to fill out the LOA out completely.

NOTE: There are exceptionally rare cases where we are not able to port a number in given the numbers "rate center". A phone number's Rate Center is determined by both the area code and then next three digits. (area code / prefix combination).  We urge you not to print, publish or otherwise promote your ported number until after the ported number is active within your account.

Do know we are constantly looking to expand our coverage.  But if your phone number is unable to be ported.  In the meantime, you can certainly try to port that number to another provider and then have that number forwarded to REI BlackBook. Just be aware that you might be faced with the same issue with another provider. You can search for a local number that we provide in that same Area Code.

For more information on Adding a Number to ProfitDial click here

If you have any other questions about this please contact us at
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