Set Automation Cutoff Times

Chances are that you are not too happy when you get calls at 3:00 in the morning and your potential clients probably wouldn't be either. While we have a preset that prevents marketing materials from being sent out through texts and voicemails after a certain time there are times when you might want to change or edit this. Simply follow the steps below:


NOTE: Please be sure to follow all laws for the jurisdictions you are operating in. There might be severe legal penalties for conducting marketing calls after certain times depending on your location and know what the rules are before you begin. REI BlackBook is a powerful tool, but all responsibilities that it is used fairly and legally belong to you. 


  1. Hover over your name and click on System Settings.

  2. Click Cut-off Time.

  3. Simply set your new cut-off time and click Save Settings.


NOTE: The cut-off time is based on the time zone of your contacts area code. However keep in mind that a person with a California area code can be living in New York meaning that a voicemail sent to them at 8:00 PM Pacific Time will actually go through even though it is midnight in New York. 


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