Phone Credits Overview

As gasoline makes your car go, phone credits are the fuel for Profit Dial. These phone credits are needed to cover all aspects of the Profit Dial system, and are needed to use the different types of service with your Profit Dial number. The different types of services include inbound/outbound calling, texting, and ringless voicemail. Depending on the subscription plan, some plans come with monthly phone credits that reset every month on the billing date. To learn more about phone credits please refer to the information below. 

How many phone credits does your subscription plan have each month?

The amount of phone credits you receive each month will depend on which monthly subscription plan you have. If you have a subscription plan that includes an allotted amount of monthly phone credits the credits will reset each month on your billing date. The phone credits included in each subscription plan are broken down below. 

  • Solopreneur Plan: Does not include any monthly phone credits. All phone credits in this plan have to purchased a la carte. 
  • Small Business Plan: Includes 1,000 monthly phone credits per month. 
  • Accelerator Plan: Includes 2,000 monthly phone credits per month. 


How do you use phone credits?

Phone credits are used for sending and receiving phone calls and texts and sending out Ringless Voicemails. Credits are broken down by the type of service you are using with your Profit Dial number (i.e. inbound/outbound calls, text messages, and ringless voicemails). The breakdown of credits based on the type of service are below. 

  • Inbound Calls: 1 phone credit per minute
  • Outbound Calls: 1.5 credits per minute
  • Text Messages (Inbound & Outbound): 1 credit per text message sent/received
  • Ringless Voicemail: 2 credits per ringless voicemail sent 

Do phone credits expire?

The monthly phone credits that are included in your REI BlackBook subscription will reset each month. If all of the allotted credits aren't used the remaining credits will not rollover to the next month, and keep accumulating. The phone credit balance will reset back to the allotted amount you receive each month.

If you purchase additional phone credits a la carte those credits will not expire, and they will roll over from month to month until they are used up. Profit Dial will always use your monthly allotted credits first before using your purchased credits.  

How do I purchase additional phone credits?

Additional phone credits can be purchased easily inside your REI BlackBook account, and can purchased a la carte anytime you need more phone credits. If you aren't sure how to purchase additional credits please follow the instructions below. 

  1. On your account's Dashboard, click on your Name and select My Account.Step_1.png
  2. Under Phone Usage System on the Billing/Subscription Details tab click on Add CreditsStep_2.png
  3. On the Add Additional Credits page, select the number of credits you'd like to purchase from the drop down menu. Step_3-3.png
  4. Select either an existing credit card on file or add a new card. Once added/selected, click on Purchase additional Credits. Step_3.png


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