Send an Email Blast

Follow the instructions below to learn how to send out a personalized email to a group of contacts:

  1. From the main menu, click Marketing Email Blast.

  2. Click the Create Blast buttonScreenshot_2018-11-20_13.49.38.png

  3. In the pop up window click Send an Email BlastScreenshot_2018-11-20_13.51.52.png

  4. Complete the form in the Send Blast to Contacts pop upScreenshot_2018-11-20_13.53.08.png

    1. Send Blast Contact Form Details:
      1. Send From: Select the Marketing Profile that the email will use. This will determine the "From" email address as well as what profile the merge fields will pull from
      2. Send To Individual Contacts (Optional): This field gives you the option to select individual contacts that you would like to be included in the blast
      3. Send To a Tagged Group (Optional): Choose an existing tag and send the email to all contacts with that tag
      4. Choose between sending an Existing Email Template (Use an Email Template) or creating a new one-off Email (Send Email) for this blast.

  5. Once you made your selections click the Continue buttonScreenshot_2018-11-20_14.19.01.png

  6. On the next pop up screen, verify that all of the information is correct for your blast.  After you have reviewed and confirmed the blast is ready to go, click Send Email BlastScreenshot_2018-11-20_14.21.19.png

Review Reporting for Sent Email Blasts:

  1. In the Outbox (From Main Menu, Marketing > Outbox), click on the Sent Tab under Email BlastsScreenshot_2018-11-20_14.28.12.png

  2. Review the details of the sent blast by clicking Stats.  You can also view a detailed status report for each recipient by clicking on the highlight number under Total Recipients


If you have any questions or comments on any of the instructions above, please feel free to reach out to us at any time at

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