Property Finder Perspective

See what your property finder sees when accessing the property finder portal. 

  • Login Page - Property Finders will access and type in the email address and password they've used when they registered.

  • Get Started - links to a guide that Property Finders can read to know the steps on finding a deal.

  • Properties - links to the page where Property Finders can add, view and delete submitted properties.
  • My Account - links to where the Property Finder can edit their Profile and view Messages from or send messages to the REIBB user.

  • +Add New Property - once logged in, Property Finders can click on this link to add a new property.
  • Status - shows whether the property has been Accepted, Under Review, Rejected, Needs Revision or Not Submitted.

  • Date Added - date that the property has been added.

  • Address - shows the property's address.

 You have now have a better understand what a perspective Property Finder journey. If you have any questions or concerns about the information above please contact us at  



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