How To Create A Menu Button

Follow these Step by Step instructions below to learn how to link a menu item to an external website.

  1. From the main navigation hover over the Web Tools tab and select Websites as shown below.

  2. Click on the Control Panel button of the website you want to edit.

  3. On your website's Control Panel, then click on Edit Menu.

  4. Scroll down and click on Links found at the left hand side menu.

  5. Provide the URL of the external website where you're sending this menu item to on the space provided

  6. Under Link Text, type in the name of the menu item as you want it to appear on the menu button on the navigation bar of your website. 

  7. Click on Add to Menu. This will appear at the bottom of the Menu Structure.

  8. Scroll back up and click on Save Menu.

  9. Click on Edit Site In Builder to see the changes made to your menu.


You have now created a menu button for your website. If you have further questions or issues please reach out to support team at support@reiblackbookcom.

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