Website Control Panel: Overview

Follow the instructions below to know how to navigate through the control panel of your REI BlackBook website.

  1. From the main navigation hover over the Web Tools tab and select Websites as shown below. 

  2. Click on the Control Panel button of your website.

  3. You will then see the following options under Control Panel.
    • Site Details - contains your company information that will reflect across your website. You can also put a site nickname that's only visible to you. Click on Save Merge Field Data when you're done filling out the form to save your changes. 

    • Manage Pages - contains a list of all the pages in your website. This is where you can add, delete or edit web pages.

    • Manage Blogs - contains a list of all the blog posts in your website. This is where you can add, delete or edit blog posts.

    • Edit Menu - this is where you can see and manipulate the menu structure of your website. 

    • Edit Theme - this is where you can do either a basic or advanced theme updates.

    • View Analytics - this is where you paste the Google Analytics tracking code. Click on Add Tracking Code to Site for your site to be integrated with Google Analytics.

  4. On the top of the Control Panel tabs, is your default URL. To change this (assign a domain name), follow the instructions on this page.

You now know how to navigate the control panel of your website.  If you have further questions or issues please reach out to support team at support@reiblackbookcom.



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