Editing the Thank You Page (Web Form)

Web forms can be used on any landing page, web page or blog posts inside of REI BlackBook. Follow the instructions below to know how to edit the Thank You page in a web form.

  1. From your account's Dashboard click on WEB TOOLS and from the dropdown select Web Forms.

  2. Find the webform you want to edit from the list and click on the smiley icon located on the same row as the webform's name. 

  3. From the drop down menu, select where you want your user to be directed following form submission.

    • Default Pop-up - To edit type in your message on the space provided. Basic editing tools similar to MS Word are available to make the message more aesthetically pleasing.

    • Web Page - forwards the lead to a webpage created inside REI BlackBook. Select the webpage from the drop down menu.

    • Landing Page - This will send the lead to a Landing Page created in REI BlackBook. Select the Landing Page from the drop down menu.

    • Property Finder Account Creation Page - This will send the lead to the Property Finder account creation page. Select this option if the pop-up is used to market to bird dogs or property finders to join your Property Finder portal.

    • External URL - Used to send the lead to any third party URL such as Facebook or Youtube channel.

  4. Keep the check beside Pass name and email data to next page. This will ensure that the name and email that they filled out on this page will be passed through the second page.

  5. Click on Save Thank You.


Note: You can also edit the Thank You page directly on the page (Landing Page, website or blog post):

  1. Click on Edit Page on the top menu bar.

  2. Highlight the webform and click on the wrench icon to access the web form settings.

  3. Click on 4. Customize Thank You Page.
  4. Proceed with steps 3 - 5 from the instructions above.

  5. Click on Done and Publish Changes on the Web Form settings.


  6. Click on Done and Publish Changes on the Landing Page/Webpage/Blog post.



You have now edited the Thank You page on your web form. For further questions, please reach out to support team at support@reiblackbook.com.

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