Missed Domain Renewal

If you missed your domain renewal there a way to redeem the domain. Please follow the steps below to redeem the domain. 

When your credit card declines/expires and/or your auto renew is off are some reasons the domain renewal may have been missed. You are still able to renew your domain through REI BlackBook before the domain completely expires.

The expiration process can span 90 days, these are GoDaddy's rules and regulations:

After a domain expires you have 18 days to renew it , after 18 days it enters the redemption phase. The redemption phase lasts another 45 to 60 days. Then the domain finally enters the deletion phase where it is removed from the registry which takes another 5 to 7 days. After the deletion phase the domain will finally be available to the public for purchase via any registrar.

You can get back the domain immediately while it going through the redemption phase, but at a much higher price at $92.99 ($80 expired fee in addition to renewal price $12.99).

Otherwise you can repurchase this 90 days from redemption date if no one else gets it first when it becomes public.

If you want to do this process please let us know.  So, we can get payment and get started on the process with GoDaddy as soon as possible.  We just need you to open a ticket with you agree to the charges and the last 4 digits of credit card on file you would like to be charged.

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