▶️ Add An Accordion Content Module

Follow the instructions below to use the accordion content module to create a Frequently Asked page.

 You may also follow these Step by Step instructions to use the accordion content module to your website.

  1. From your account Dashboard, click on View Websites.

  2. Click on the Site Builder button on the website you want to edit.
  3. On the top menu bar, click on Edit Page

  4. Click on Add Content.
  5. On the side panel, click on Advanced Module. Drag and drop the Accordion module where you want to place it on the page.
  6. On the Accordion Settings page, under Items tab, click on Edit Item.

  7. Type in or paste (if you've already created your FAQ's before hand) the question on the space beside Label.
  8. Type in the answer to this question under Content. Basic editing tools like MS Word are available to edit the aesthetics of the content.
  9. Click on Save to add the item.
  10. Repeat steps 6-9 to add more questions or you can duplicate your first entry to make sure that all font settings you've selected on the first item are uniform across all items.

    Note: To update the questions and contents of each item, click on Edit Item.
  11. Under Style tab, change the appearance of the following according to your preference:
    • Border Color
    • Label Size
    • Item Spacing
    • Collapse Inactive
    • Expand First Item

  12. Click on the Save button.
  13. Click on Done and Publish Changes.


You have now added an Accordion Module to create an FAQ page on your website. If you have further questions or issues please reach out to support team at support@reiblackbookcom.

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