▶️ How To Add A Call Out

Callout modules are used to showcase the services available on your website or a different call to action you want visitors of your website to take. To add a callout module to your webpage, follow the instructions below.

 You may also follow these Step by Step instructions below to learn how to add a callout module to your webpage.

  1. From your account's Dashboard, click on Webtools and select Websites.

  2. Click on the SiteBuilder button of the website that you want to edit.
  3. On the top menu bar click on EditPage.
  4. Click on the AddContent button.
  5. Select AdvancedModules then drag and drop the Callout module to the desired location on the page.
  6. This will open the CalloutSettings. Under the GeneralTab, you can update/edit the following:

    • Heading - type in the title of your text
    • Text - text editor; type in or copy/paste the content of your callout module.
  7. Under the Style Tab, the following can be modified:

    • Structure - OverallAlignment can be set to Left, Center or Right.
    • HeadingStructureHeadingTag can be set from h1 to h6 while the HeadingSize can be set to Default or can be customized.
  8. Under the Image Tab, the following can be modified:


    • ImageType - options to select Photo, Icon or None.
    • Photo/Icon - upload or select a photo or icon for the callout module. The icon/photo's position can be set to: Above Heading, Below Heading, Left of Text and Heading, Right of Text and Heading
      **Note: Crop option is available when photo is selected while color and structure customization is available for icon.
  9. Under the Call To Action Tab, the following can be modified:

    • Link - type in the URL of where the button is going to be linked to when clicked.
    • LinkTarget - have the option to NewWindow or Same Window.
    • Call To Action - select the type from Text, Button or None
  10. Once you're done customizing the Callout module, click on the Save button. 

  11. Click on Done and Publish Changes.




You have now added a callout module to your website. If you have any questions or comments on any of the instructions above, please feel free to reach out to us at any time at support@reiblackbook.com





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