How To Forward or Mask A Domain Name To Your Landing Page

The difference between masking and forwarding a domain name is as follows;

  • Mask a Domain Name - your domain name will appear on the address bar instead of the URL assigned to the page when it was created.
  • Forward a Domain Name - when someone types in your domain name, they will be forwarded to your page however, the random URL assigned to your page will be visible on the address bar instead of your domain name.

Before proceeding, please make sure that you already have your domain name by either purchasing or importing to REI BlackBook. To forward or mask a domain, follow the instructions below:

  1. From your account's Dashboard, click on Web Tools and select Domains.

  2. Choose the Domain Name you want to use. To be sure that this domain name is still available, Forwarding field should be blank. Click on the three dots at the right most part of the page and select Manage Forwarding for the domain you wish to use.

  3. Choose either to Forward or Mask the domain.

  4. From the Forward To drop down menu, select the landing page or website you wish to use.

  5. A list of websites or landing pages created by your account will appear, select the one you want to use.

    Note: Click on the View link to see the contents of the page before assigning.

  6. Click on the Update Forward button.


You have now successfully masked or forwarded a domain name to your Landing Page or Website. If you have further questions or issues please reach out to support team at support@reiblackbookcom.

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