How To Set Up A Single Property Website

Single property websites allow you to market a property you have for sale to potential buyers. Follow the instructions below to learn how to set up a single property website and all of the available settings for the website. 

  1. From your account's Dashboard click on Deals and select Property Pipeline from the drop down menu.Screen_Shot_2019-03-05_at_23.25.32.png

  2. Select the property that you want to setup a Single Property website for by clicking on the property address.

  3. Click on the Marketing tab.

  4. Click on the Property Website button.

  5. Click on the View and Customize Website button.

  6. Select a template and background for the website. 

  7. Select a domain name for your website from the Set Domain dropdown menu if you decide to use a custom domain for this website. Click on the Update Domain button to save your changes. Note: There are domains already created that you can use if you don't have a domain you purchased that you'd like to use. 

  8. Select a Workflow from the dropdown menu and click on Save Workflow Options to save your changes.

  9. Select which of the following options you want to reflect on the website. Click on the Settings button to make changes on each of the selections. Click on Save to save your changes.

    • Images
    • Video
    • Documents
    • Comps
    • WalkScore
    • Analysis

  10. You can enter the code to place a tracking pixel on your website on the space provided under the Tracking Pixels section and click on Save Tracking Pixels to save your changes.

  11. Under Styled Description, type in a description of your property. You will have the same editing options available as a word processing app. Click on Save Styled Description to save your changes.

  12. To access your website, copy and paste the domain name on your browser's address bar.



You have successfully set-up a single property website. If you have any questions or comments on any of the information above, please feel free to reach out to us at any time at 


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