Spam Text Message Trigger Words

Avoid using trigger words when possible

When marketing you want to make sure that your message is reaching your audience and with Text/SMS messaging, context is what matters to ensure deliverability.  All of the major phone carriers use spam filters and are starting to look at the content of text messages sent.

These filters are starting to recognize certain phrases or words that are used in the messages that are considered red flags because they are often used with scams, gimmicks, schemes, promises, or free gifts. When these phrases or words are used in the body of the text message they trigger the spam filters and your messages are being blocked. Some words or phrases that are considered trigger words are Free, Click here, Make money, Get it now, No purchase necessary. To see the full list of trigger words to avoid using when sending messages check out the Spam Text Message Trigger Word Cheat Sheet.

So if you see that your text messages show Text Undelivered - Your message content was flagged as going against carrier guidelines, check your message for these trigger words.

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